Kosi Bay Nature Reserve

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This unspoiled nature reserve surrounds the rare and beautiful Kosi Bay lake system. It has been incorporated into the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, an internationally recognised World Heritage Site. The 11,000ha, 30km-long reserve is a tropical paradise of crystal clear water, marshland, swamp and coastal forests that is home to about 250 species of bird. Kosi Forest Lodge is the only private lodge in the nature reserve.


The mouth of the Kosi Lakes is regarded as one of the best snorkeling sites anywhere in the world. The rock pools along this protected stretch of coastline are a virtual aquarium of brilliant sub-tropical fish. Enjoy swimming in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and soak up the sun along this beautiful stretch of beach.

Turtle Tracking

Witness the culmination of an incredible journey as Giant Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles lay their eggs in carefully prepared nests on the Maputuland coast. The turtles swim the length of the African continent and return to the beach at which they hatched to lay their eggs. Turtle tracking is offered in the evenings from mid-November to mid-February. Every precaution is taken to ensure these magnificent creatures are not disturbed during the laying process.


The Maputuland coastline is one of South Africa’s most popular fishing destinations. Fishing varies from lake fishing, to surf fishing and deep-sea charters in Mozambique are also available. Fly-fishing along the coast and in the lakes can be very worthwhile.

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